This Pakistani Actress Abducted And Gang-raped

Recently India scrapped Article 370 and 35A which give special status to the Jammu & Kashmir state. Now it is no longer a state but divided into two territories J&K and Ladakh. Well, J&K is our country’s matter but it is Pakistan which is getting panic over the revocation of Article 370 from Kashmir. It is because, with the scrapping of Article 370, J&K will become an integral part of India and it will strongly help in eradicating Pakistan sponsored terrorism in the area.

Sitara Baig

Well, Pakistan needs to concentrate on its own country’s setbacks rather on concentrating on Kashmir. Its economy is already aching and it is one of the poorest countries in the world. Also, it has become the worst place for living especially for the female actors. Rape cases in Pakistan have always been high and given how there’s a lack of accountability, justice hardly ever gets served in our country.

In the year 207-2019 maximum number of rape and murder cases of actresses were recorded. An alleged rape case has emerged and it violates renowned stage dancer and actress Sitara Baig. She was abducted and was allegedly gang-raped in Lahore at a five-star hotel by a group of seven men.

In her interview with a local news publication, Sitara shared how she was called to a hotel to collect her due payment for the performances she made in Dubai and Canada. “If was given the full amount when I went there. They offered me a glass of juice and the things I know, I wake up 10 hours later,” claims Sitara.

Pakistani actress/singer Qandeel Baloch and Reshma were also murdered in the same time span.