This Pakistani Athlete Said Something Against Celebrity Casting In Sports Ads Which Make So Much Sense

pakistani athlete Noorena Shams facebook post

People always have a love and hate relationship with TV commercials. One cannot deny that TV commercials can sometimes be irritating as hell or simply so remarkable to leave an impression on your mind for a considerable amount of time. And it’s always a trend to feature famous celebrities or Film/TV stars for advertising agencies to make the Ad a hit among people. Because it’s just a marketing or branding strategy which has been set since ages and which works well too.

But with passing time big brands and known advertising agencies can be seen displaying sportsperson in Ads giving them the fame they deserve. But that too also stops at the popularity percentage. We can only see Super Sports Persons like Virat Kohli, Saina Nehwal or Sania Mirza making it big in the screens. While India with the rest of the world is raising it standards in terms of advertising and giving sports persons the exposure they deserve, for Pakistan it seems to be a far fledged thing.

Pakistan’s Noorena Shams, an international squash athlete, however, recently took to Facebook, to write against the lack of exposure that many sportspeople get in her country, when they easily can.

Noorena Shams pakistani athelete

Shams’ Facebook post is about an ad for a soft drink, that has the popular singer, songwriter Momina Mustehsan playing a footballer in the ad. In her post, Shams has said that she’d rather have liked to see Pakistani women footballers like Asmara Kiani to be a part of the commercial, instead of the singer. “They do not need your money but at least they deserve to be supported when it comes to representation of our country. They can not even afford shoes or rackets. They play for the country without any greed,” she wrote.

Here’s her Facebook post :

“The real athletes are waiting for all these Ad makers to know them and give them recognition. I am sorry but as an athlete I feel miserable at times when we are not given priority. I am not jealous of her here just because she is in the Ad, neither for her looks or fame nor her voice but I envy her for one thing that she is getting what a real footballer deserve from the day they step inside the grounds. I am not against her to be in the Ad if it would have been like she is singing. Believe me the money spent on this Ad even can change entire life of an athlete in Pakistan. They do not need your money but atleast they deserve to be supported when it comes to representation of our country. They can not even afford shoes or rackets. They play for the country without any greed. I would love to see an athlete being casted in an Ad while singing like her and that would be a turning point. •Sigh•then people complaint that we only have 7 athletes going to OLYMPICS and they are already changing their countries after facing the conditions they face. I REQUEST DO NOT ASK A FISH TO FLY AND DO NOT THROW A BIRD IN A POND AND EXPECT IT TO SWIM. RECOGNISE AND APPRECIATE PLEASE.
I would have loved it more if there would have been Asmara Karishma or Sana in this Ad.
Thank you.
-Noorena Shams
A struggling international racket athlete ( with less beauty and more passion)”

And I totally agree with her because it’s not always necessary to feature a Celebrity or well known actor to make an advertisement work wonder. A simple emotional connect is enough to make a Ad work wonder. And talking about the trend of casting celebrities in Ads related to sports is not a very ethical thing when so much hard-working athletes who sweat to bring fame to their country without expecting anything in return lack the exposure they deserve.

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