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This Political Leader is The Biggest Enemies of Hindus in Pakistan

This Political Leader is The Biggest Enemies of Hindus in Pakistan


Pakistan is our neighbouring country. But before the partition of 1947, both India and Pakistan were the same nation. However, in India where almost people of every religion live and leading life in peace, in Pakistan, even today conversions of the people from another religion to Islam is a common scenario.

Recently, a case in Pakistan is grabbing all the attention. On March 20, while the Hindu community in the Daharki area of Sindh’s Ghotki district was celebrating Holi, two teenage sisters, Raveena Meghwar and Reena Meghwar, got disappeared suddenly from their home.

They belong to a very poor family. Their father is a cobbler. On the night, when they got disappeared, their father and two brothers spent the whole night in searching for them. They filed a report but next day a video had emerged on social media that featured both of the sisters converting into Islam. They were forced to marry already married Muslim men who used to live in the same neighbourhood as the teenage sisters.

To let you know, it’s not the people of the country who are bad but the major impact is put down by the political leaders. They encourage religious hatred to increase their vote banks. One of the Pakistani leaders known for making a number of religious conversions is Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians’ leader, Pir Abdul Haq aka Mian Mitho. He is considered as the biggest enemy of Hindu people in Pakistan.

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According to a report, “Every year, Muslim men abduct and forcibly convert about 1,000 girls — mostly Hindus.”According to the Pakistan Hindu Council, about 5,000 Pakistani Hindus leave every year for neighbouring India where 80% are Hindus to escape religious persecution.

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