Entertainment Bollywood This Prominent Bollywood Director Surprisingly Debuted With Kama Sutra

This Prominent Bollywood Director Surprisingly Debuted With Kama Sutra

There are some facts about Bollywood that sometimes really blow our mind. The one that we are going to reveal today is one of its kind. Remember the 1996’s controversial film Kama Sutra: A Tale Of Love. The film was directed by Mira Nair and it was highly criticized by the Indian audience, resulting censor board to ban it. However, it was a hit among critics.

A film was termed ‘explicit’, ‘unethical’ and ‘immoral’ for the Indian audiences which came up with the concept of Kama Sutra! So we wonder why a famous film director Zoya Akhtar chose this movie to make a Bollywood debut? Yes, you read it right!

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It was renowned Gully Boy director Zoya Akhtar who starred in the film. She was roped in for a blink-and-you-miss appearance as one of Rekha’s character’s pupils in the film. She was also one of the assistant directors on the film.

However, the film depicted the lives of four lovers in the 16th century in India, was a hit with the critics but a major flop with the Censor Board and ultimately got banned.

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