This Smartphone Can Kill Corona Virus With It’s Flash Light In 10 Seconds


Methods such as sanitizer, soap washing and social distancing are effective to avoid coronavirus infection. In this series, scientists have created a digital sanitizer that claims that the flashlight of the smartphone can kill viruses and bacteria like corona.

What is the device and how it kills the virus?

The name of this special device is UVLEN, which has been developed by a South Korean company (UVLEN). With the help of this device, there is a claim to kill bacteria through the flash light of the smartphone. This device converts the phone’s flash light to ultra violet light. Explain that ultra violet is used to kill micro viruses.

This device has a clip with the help of which it has to be mounted on the flash light on the back of the phone. After this, the flash light has to be turned on a surface for 10 seconds. Let us tell you that this device has not been introduced in the market at the moment but it is going to be launched soon.

What is the cost of UVLEN?

UVLEN will cost 25 dollars, or about Rs 1,887, although the World Health Organization has said that ultra violet light can cause skin disease and cause problem in eyesight, but there is no harm from ultra violet light of 207 to 222 nanometer wavelength.

Regarding UVLEN, the company claims that this device is capable of killing 100 percent virus. The company has also stated that UVLEN is clinically certified and has passed the test. It can make hands free of virus 50 times per day. This device can be used with any smartphone.

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