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Trending This Starkid And Bollywood Actor Was Yet Unborn When His Father Died

This Starkid And Bollywood Actor Was Yet Unborn When His Father Died

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Never forget to count the numerous blessings you got from life. And if you think life is harsh on you, this truth about a Bollywood actor who just debuted in 2018 will let you change your mind. Read out this interesting Bollywood story!

Let’s move in the era of 70s and 80s of Bollywood. Remember the handsome and charming Bollywood actor Vinod Mehra? Yes, the same Vinod Mehra who was Bollywood’s heartthrob back in 70s and 80s. It was his charm that made every co-star of him fell for him.

He was linked to many co-actresses, one of the was legendary actress Rekha. According to some reports, the duo got married secretly too but later divorced within a few months. Other than her, he was married three times. His first marriage was an arranged one to Meena Broca. It didn’t work well and Vinod had a heart attack shortly after the marriage. Once he recovered, he then decided to marry his leading lady Bindiya Goswami while still married to Meena. Meena left him and returned to her parents’ house. However, Mehra got divorced from Bindiya too.

In the year 1988, Mehra married for the last time to Kiran, daughter of a Kenya-based transport businessman. Kiran got pregnant just after the marriage and delivered a baby girl Soniya Mehra who is now a Bollywood actress. But just after the two years of their marriage in 1990, Vinod got his second heart attack, resulting in his death at a young age of 45. At the time of his death, Vinod’s wife Kiran was pregnant with their second child, a posthumous son named Rohan.

Yes, Rohan Mehra, the Bazaar film actor who debuted in 2018 is a son of Vinod Mehra. Rohan was yet unborn when Vinod Mehra died. He never saw his father. With two of his infant children, Vinod’s wife Kiran moved to Kenya to her parents.

The children were raised in Mombasa and both of them went to the United Kingdom for higher education. Both of them are now Bollywood actors.

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