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Infotainment Not Only Humans Can Do Miracles! This Stray Dog Saved The Life...

Not Only Humans Can Do Miracles! This Stray Dog Saved The Life Of A New Born Baby

What’s cruelty? Is it is a devilish thing? If yes then we humans must be the devil we all talk about.

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Even after so much increased cases of female infanticide and the other devilish activities done by human, may people still believe in a miracle to occur and bring a change.

You all will be surprised to know that the miracle did come but in the form of an animal, not a human, the species which we hate most and think they are disgusting. In the place where we curse animals, destroy their homes and eat them, they help us in so many ways.

Recently, this stray dog was found carrying a newborn baby girl in his mouth who was thrown away in a dump, maybe by some human.

dog saved the life of a newborn

13138926_998740830193897_8764932679696006601_nThis dog later brought the baby to a nearby home and barked at the door to get people’s attention. Later, the people took the baby girl to a hospital where her life was saved.

dog saved the life of a newborn

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