News Technology This Technology Alarms You Whenever You Forget To Zip Up Your Pants

This Technology Alarms You Whenever You Forget To Zip Up Your Pants

What is the thing which boys regret most?

Boys forget to zip up their pants

Forgetting to zip up their pants after using the washroom.

This not only creates an embarrassing situation but also gives a long life memory to be ashamed of. This mistake is more terrible if it occurs in parties or public parties!!! Damn, I wish there was  a technology to alarm us whenever we forget to zip up our pants, WAIT!! actually, there is one:

Some great and creative geniuses from Chaotic R and D, the ones with extraordinary imagination probably created the most helpful technology for boys which alarms us whether our pant’s zip are up or down through mobile phone notifications. The technology also involves a specially designed pair of pants which works with your phone and then you’ll never be embarrassed by any stranger, shouting at your to close your zip. 

Check the video of this amazing technology right here:

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