Kriti Sanon Sweats It Out In This Workout Video

Kriti Sanon becomes an inspiration for all the fitness freaks. And her latest Instagram post proves it all.
Trending This Tiny Sweet Spot May Be The Key To Women's Orgasm

This Tiny Sweet Spot May Be The Key To Women’s Orgasm

LADIES, are you aware of the kind of stuff you need to perform during the sexual intercourse and what are the actual spots that are key to Women’s Orgasm? Well, what actually the myth is that start measuring yourself or get your partner to do it. And It may be the only key to a happy sex life. Ok! Let me know how many of you hope for a killer orgasm every other night? Well, the answer is so obvious indeed.


According to the studies done by Medical Express, a woman’s ability to orgasm depends on a lot on the shape of her vagina, i.e a physical development which occurs before she is born. Adding something very interesting to their research, Dr Maureen Whelihan stated that the women whose clitoris drifted up further than others, it may be difficult or even impossible to orgasm during traditional sex. Unfortunately, it’s not her mistake. She was born that way.

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Surprisingly, When you’re on top, sitting on the partner’s erection and grinding on his abdomen, it’s really not just a vaginal orgasm. You’re rubbing your clitoris on his abdomen or pelvis. The doctors agreed that women and their partners should start paying more attention to the clitoris to achieve orgasm.


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