A man, who had disguised himself as a helpless, disabled beggar, was exposed when a passer by refused to be convinced by his tricks.

The man had tucked his legs into the back of his boxer shorts, to give the appearance that he had no legs. He then put on a pair of trousers to cover his hidden limbs and spent the say sitting on a skateboard.

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He had been fooling people and asking them to show some mercy on him and his condition. But another man, who walked past him, seemed to be too unconvinced of his ‘disability’.


The video shows a man pulling down the beggar’s trousers to reveal that he is not limp! As the fraudster realises his cover has been blown, he desperately tries to wheel himself away on his skateboard – but the damage has already been done.


So next time when you see a beggar, make it sure to pull your socks up to put his pant down!!

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