High Life This Video Will Force You To Think Again About Using Plastic Things...

This Video Will Force You To Think Again About Using Plastic Things Next Time

Plastic and plastic products like poly bags, plastic bottles, plastic chairs, straws, toys, combs, mugs, plastic cans, and many more, have made human life very easy as for us plastic things are cheap, durable. But we humans are so self-centered that we have never thought about how adversely these things affect animals. We use these plastic things and then just throw it, without proper disposal.

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Some of this waste we dump on the open land and some of it reach world’s ultimate sink or dumping zone i.e. oceans through sewerages. In this video, you will see how a little straw can be life threatening for marine animals.


A straw stuck up in a turtle’s nose while he was eating. A team of biological students saved his life by extracting that straw but this whole procedure was very painful for this poor turtle. Here is the video…

In the end, I just want to say one thing that let us all be the real humans. As a part of this beautiful nature and being the most intelligent species on earth, it is our responsibility to save it. So let’s take the charge and save our nature, our earth.

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