This White House Chef is Making People Crazy on The Internet For His 24-Inch Biceps

There are a number of popular chefs all over the world famous for their mouth-watering recipes. But today we will tell you about a chef who is making people crazy not for his yumilicious food but also for his hard-core muscular body. This chef is getting viral on social media.

Last month, a political reporter posted a photo of White House chefs preparing for President Donald Trump’s iftar, the meal served at the end of Ramadan. But it wasn’t the tray of grilled veggies that caught Twitter’s attention. It was Chef Andre Rush and his 24-inch biceps. Andre Rush on becoming sensation said, “The other day my friend was like, ‘You’re famous!’. I’m getting, like, hundreds of emails and texts and calls. But I don’t think people understand what it is I actually do in the gym to look like I do.”

Andre also shared his secret behind fittest body, he says, the secret is a dedicated workout schedule including a staggering amount of push-ups and bicep curls. He also takes a regimented diet that’s heavy on muscle-building protein.

According to the reports, Andre is a retired Army master chef. Not only that, once he did 2222 push-ups in a day. It is because, during those days, 22 old men who got retired from the Army committed suicide. This incident grabbed much media and national attention. Andre did those push-ups as a part of an awareness campaign.