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High Life This Will Happen If Jammu And Kashmir Turned Into A Separate Country

This Will Happen If Jammu And Kashmir Turned Into A Separate Country

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Surrounded by beautiful mountains, Jammu and Kashmir is a state in northern India. It has an international border with China in the north and east, and Line of Control separates it from the Pakistan. The Kashmir conflict is a territorial conflict primarily between India and Pakistan, having started just after the partition of India in 1947. Both the countries have fought three wars over Kashmir.

Jammu And Kashmir conflict
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There has been too much bloodshed in J&K area mainly due to India’s insistence on keeping control over it and Pakistan’s constant breaking of the LOC.

What Will Happen If Jammu And Kashmir Turned Into A Separate Country?

60 percent of Kashmir is occupied by India (Jammu and Kashmir), 30 percent of Kashmir is occupied by Pakistan (the so called ‘Azad Kashmir’ and POK) and 10 percent is under China. (granted by Pakistan to china as a gesture of friendship).

But the geopolitical status of Kashmir does not allow it to be an independent state, because it has hostile and aggressive neighbors like Pakistan, China. Furthermore, Pakistan and China both are expansionist nations and are likely to plunge Kashmir at the earliest opportunity.

India and Pakistan over kashmir issue
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In simple words, Pakistan wants Kashmir issue to be continuously in focus for its survival. India is a democratic nation and it respects the special character of Kashmir. But it is a sad picture that the Kashmiri people are prone to become the tool in the hands of terrorist and mujahideen’s or jihadis.

If Kashmir becomes an independent country, Chinese railway will reach Karachi and Gwadar Port. With its Oceanic access tied up for the New Silk Route, China will be the sole superpower of the world.

Kashmir conflict
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Independence does not come in a peaceful way. Neither it comes by supporting terrorists and divisive forces nor by stone-pelting or bombing security forces. Indulging in rioting will only give grief and sorrow.

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