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Trending This Woman Was Born Without Vagina. Here's How Her Life Is Going

This Woman Was Born Without Vagina. Here’s How Her Life Is Going

Joanna Giannouli hadn’t had her period till the age of 16 and this was starting to concern her mother. That’s what led to her first medical examination where she was diagnosed with Rokitansky syndrome.

vagina - This Woman Was Born Without Vagina. Here's How Her Life Life Going

Rokitansky syndrome is a genetic disorder where a girl is born with normal external genitalia, breasts and pubic hair, but without a vagina, uterus or cervix. As far as such a condition is concerned, it affects one in every 4,500 newborn girls. One of its first symptoms is when a girl still hasn’t started getting her period even though she’s well into puberty.

joanna - This Woman Was Born Without Vagina. Here's How Her Life Life Going

According to BBC news upon being diagnosed, Giannouli and her parents were devastated and she found herself putting up a brave face as the family didn’t even discuss her condition for the first five years. Giannouli adding to her words said that, “I had to be about three months laying on a bed — I couldn’t get up. I did vaginal exercises in order to expand my new vaginal tunnel.” Engaged when she was 21, Joanna suffered heartbreak at the hands of a man who ended their relationship when he discovered her condition. But things are looking up now.

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