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News Three Elderly Unmarried Children of Ex-CMO Beg on Roads For Survival, Living Like...

Three Elderly Unmarried Children of Ex-CMO Beg on Roads For Survival, Living Like Hell

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A family of ex-CMO in Lucknow beg on roads for survival. For the past 25 years, the family is living in an almost shattered house. The family includes three siblings whose age is between 60-70 years and they all are unmarried. These three siblings are mentally retarded. This Mathur family of three lives in one of the poshest areas of the city Lucknow. They are looking for a support and therefore want to get married at this age. The eldest brother in the family, BN Mathur has written Hell on the wall of the house.


Spent a royal childhood

70 years old BN Mathur explains, “I was born in Lucknow in 1947. Our father was Dr MM Mathur CMO and mother was a housewife. I am the eldest of three brothers and sisters. Because of the government’s job and good position of the father, our childhood was very comfortable, there was a servant for every single work in the house, there was a car and a driver to walk around. It was all good till the graduation was completed from Lucknow University. Then the father’s demise disrupted our lives. I was doing my graduation when my parents died in a car accident. Mys sisters Raadhe and Maandwi are 10 years younger than me. Their mental condition worsened due to the shock. I started looking for a job to feed them. I begged on roads sometimes. I wanted to marry but there was neither time nor money.”

This family of three is begging on the roads and living life in the worst way. After the news spread in the media an organization has forward its hands to help them.

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