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Entertainment Tiger Shroff to Play The Role of Superhero Spiderman?

Tiger Shroff to Play The Role of Superhero Spiderman?

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Actor Tiger Shroff really admires the superhero Spiderman and always aspired to play the role of this famous superhero in his film. And guess what? He got a chance! Yes, he is giving his voice for Spider-Man in the Hindi version of Spider-Man: Homecoming and says it is one superhero character he always wanted to play.

In a statement, while addressing to media, Tiger Shroff said, “I can’t express enough my excitement to be the voice of my childhood superhero Spider-Man in Hindi. I have grown up watching Spider-Man movies and I must say that he is the one superhero character I have always wished to play,”

Tiger announced this news with his fans on social media from his official account. He said “it’s a fun, action-filled roller-coaster ride and is unlike any other Spider-Man films you may have seen earlier. I hope audiences like me as Spidey’s voice in Hindi.” 

Tiger is a famous actor and is quite popular among the young generation. He is known for his popping dance moves and agile action sequences in the films. On the project of doing Indian version of Spiderman, Spider-Man: Homecoming, the director of Sony Pictures Entertainment India said,

 “Tiger is not just a youth icon but has a strong appeal among family audiences, who prefer clean entertainers. Tiger’s appeal and popularity extend to the millennials. For us, it’s not just the voice but also the fact that Tiger embodies dexterity and physical agility that one associates with Spider-Man, which makes this association truly special and exciting.”


We wish Tiger all the best for his film.


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