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Entertainment TikTok banned in India: Here's The Reaction Of TikTok Stars

TikTok banned in India: Here’s The Reaction Of TikTok Stars

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The government of India has now banned 59 Chinese app which also includes the popular Tik Tok app. And here’s the reaction of these TikTok stars after the ban of these apps.

59 Chinese apps, including Tik Tok, have been banned in India. The most discussed among these 59 applications is Tik Tok which is already in the news. Be it a common man or celebrity, everyone is taking the decision positively and sharing their views on social media. Many TikTok celebrities like Jannat Zubair, Riya KishanChandani, Ashnoor Kaur, etc also applauded the government’s decision. TikTok is a platform where many common users have a fan following more than Bollywood celebs. There are many users whose followers are in crores and their number has reached billions. Sharing their own personal views here’s what the Tik Tok stars said on this action taken by the government.

Jannat Zubair,

Jannat, who has a massive following of over 27 million users said, Nothing is more important than our Military, Citizens, Doctors, Government, Police officers and our country to me. therefore, I really appreciate this step taken by the government. I will support this ban and I will boycott it. She said that every Indian should support this ban without any doubts.

Ashnoor Kaur 

Ashnoor Kaur who has 3.3 million TikTok followers. Respecting the decision of the government she said “I am very happy with the decision of the government of the digital strike that banned all Chinese apps. And now we can focus upon productive things. And I fully support this ban.

Riya Kishanchandani 

Riya Kishanchandani has 5 million followers on the app. Posting a video she said that although she is feeling bad that the government has banned this app, but that there is nothing more important than our country. I am with this decision of the Government and truly respect it.

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