Yes, human has reached space, stepped on moon too and now has completed a marathon in space. As we all know how difficult it is to walk in a place with less gravity or low gravity, a British astronaut, Tim Peake became the first man ever to complete a marathon in space. He was strapped to a treadmill abroad the International Space Station where he ran 26.2 mile distance.

Tim Peake, The First Human Ever To Complete A Marathon In Space

Tim Peake has not only made his country proud of him but also the whole world. There was England’s largest participation race going on under 250 miles below Tim’s feet, which he witnessed through an Ipad and saw more than 37,000 runners running.


It took Peake 3 hours, 35 minutes and 21 seconds to complete the distance which is not so long if his presence in space while running is considered whereas the time taken by the runner who won the race was 2:03:05 was the second fastest ever recorded.

Tim even tweeted and greeted London about the race going below him:

Tim Peake, The First Human Ever To Complete A Marathon In Space

The world is really very proud of him and need more people like him who can take the whole humankind to the new levels of height.

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