News Time To Bid Goodbye To Your Favourite MP3 , It Has Officially...

Time To Bid Goodbye To Your Favourite MP3 , It Has Officially Been Declared Dead

We are in a generation where smartphones and the internet has a great influence on people. And MP3 is a term we are all are well versed with. Downloading an audio simply means writing “DOWNLOAD MP3” for the specific song you are searching, on the Internet. Just imagine writing MP3 on the search engine and getting a search engine result–NO RESULT FOUND. MP3 has always been a default audio format for us and we can’t even think of it being dead. Let’s give you a little Techie detail–MP3 is a digital audio coding format. This format has been so well compatible with all our devices that it became our trusted format. For most of the people across the world, MP3 is another word for Audio. 

Time To Bid Goodbye To Your Favourite MP3 , It Has Been Officially Declared Dead
source: daily mail

Alas!!! MP3 is dead, RIP our beloved audio format. The developer of this format recently announced that it has officially terminated its licensing program. This format was developed in 1988 and  Fraunhofer IIS – the people who gave birth to this format have terminated its licensing program to various software developers who want to distribute it for the MP3platform. This audio format has been the default code for the audio around the world for over the last two decades.

Time To Bid Goodbye To Your Favourite MP3 , It Has Been Officially Declared Dead
source: digital trends

To our surprise, MP3 helps in compressing a large amount of audio into smaller sized files. But this compression also reduces the audio quality of the music at a drastic rate. The standard audio format is AAC or Advanced Audio Coding which tries to retain the original quality of music while compressing it to a smaller size file. It makes sure that higher audio quality is provided at lower bit rate while compressing the audio into a smaller size.

Fraunhofer IIS  has also helped create more advanced AAC files, which are now predominantly used by iTunes, YouTube, Nintento, Nokia and other music audio systems. “Most state-of-the-art media services such as streaming or TV and radio broadcasting use modern ISO-MPEG codecs such as the AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) family or in the future MPEG-H, those can deliver more features and a higher audio quality at much lower bitrates compared to MP3,” said Fraunhofer IIS in a press announcement.

This will surely be difficult for us as MP3 is our default audio tag that we search on the Internet. But don’t forget everything happens for a good reason. Let’s start downloading AAC with better quality music and lower bit rate.

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