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News Time To Live Without Wi-Fi Only Coz Li-Fi Is Here And Its...

Time To Live Without Wi-Fi Only Coz Li-Fi Is Here And Its Better

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The world we now live in exists in the most digitalised form and we surely can’t even dream of surviving in ti without Internet, of course! While we wanted to possess a constant connection with the world through internet alongwith high speeds. Soon we wished for freedom to move around with all the other beneficiaries and Voils! WiFi was there!


But soon enough fellas, a very sophisticated technology granting super fast data transmission, Li-Fi will make Wi-Fi go obsolete. The new technology as reported, is a 100 times faster than WiFi.


Researchers from New Delhi listed company, Velmenni announced that the technology, developed in Talinn, Estonia could transmit data at a lightening fast speed of a gigbyte per second.

It is basically a kind of Optical Wireless Communications (OWC) which uses LED lights a sa medium for high-speed communications.


Also it was  invented in the year 2011 by Professor Harald Haas, from the University of Edinburgh, who also coined the term, Li-Fi.

Here is a video by Professor Harald Haas explaining all about Li-Fi:

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