High Life Travel Heading For Vacations Abroad? Make Sure You Know These Facts

Heading For Vacations Abroad? Make Sure You Know These Facts

Planning to visit somewhere in the foreign. Just keep the following interesting and unknown facts while visiting these countries. Tips for USA visitors

It is not compulsory but customary. By not giving a tip you could make the deserving waiter sad or angry who did a fantastic job.

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Tips for the visitors of China

Gifting clock would mean to send someone to their final rest and gifting umbrella would mean to separate or disperse.

Tips for Ireland visitors

Locals hate it when foreigners attempt to speak like them, so please refrain from saying “erin go bragh” when you visit.

Tips for the visitors of JapanIf you tip in Japan you are imposing the customs of your country where they don’t belong. People may get confused if you tip them. They may run after you with your change.

Tips for the visitors of Turkey

Touching the forefinger to the thumb does not mean “Ok” in Turkey. This symbol means you are a homosexual. It is quite offensive.

Tips for the visitors of Mexico

Mexicans are really funny and innocent, so just go with the flow.

Tips for the visitors of Ukraine

Giving even number of flowers to women in Ukraine is treated as a bad luck. So be aware while giving flowers in this country.

Tips for the visitors of New Zealand

Don’t honk in New Zealand because it is done only in the case of emergency or you’ll insult people.

Tips for the visitors of UKAsking about salary in UK might seem rude to the natives.

Tips for the visitors of Italy

Never order cappuccino at the restaurants in Italy especially after 11 am because they believe that drinking milk after meal screws up the digestion.

Tips for the visitors of Norway

Don’t ask people about going to church because most attend none, and asking this is seen as intrusive, rude and downright weird.

Tips for the visitors of Germany

Don’t congratulate on birthday before the day because it is considered as a bad luck in Germany. So don’t ruin someone’s special while you are in Germany.

Happy Journey!!

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