Siddharth Pithani: Rhea used Sushant’s money for all expenditures

In the recent update, creative manager and flatmate Siddharth Pithani has opened up about Rhea Chakraborty’s expenditure from Sushant’s money.
High Life Tips To Remove Lipstick Marks From The Shirt

Tips To Remove Lipstick Marks From The Shirt

Lipstick is the favourite makeup product of every woman in the world. Women like to apply lipstick to look pleasant. Lipsticks look as good on lips as they do badly on clothes. Sometimes they mistakenly put lipstick on the boys’ shirts or on their own tops. People feel that the lipstick marks can be removed, but it leaves the spots behind even after removing the stains.

How to Remove Lipstick marks

Here are the tips to remove lipstick stains on shirts, boys and girls can follow these tips:

Removing Lipstick stains with Shaving Cream

How to Remove Lipstick marks

Shaving cream can be found easily at home. You can remove lipstick stains with shaving cream. Scrub with shaving cream where lipstick is applied to the shirt and leave it for a while. This way you can remove lipstick stains with shaving cream.

Removing Lipstick stains with Hairspray

How to Remove Lipstick marks
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You can use hairspray to remove lipstick stains. Spray on the stained area to remove lipstick stains on the shirt. Leave on for 15 minutes. After that take warm water and rub the stained area slowly.

Removing Lipstick stains with Toothpaste

You can also remove lipstick stains with toothpaste. Apply toothpaste to the stained area. Then scrub it with light hands. After scrubbing, wash with water, the stains will be removed.

Precaution to be taken

Some things should be taken care of while removing stains from clothes. Clothes should be cleaned quickly after removing the stains. Do not fold the stained clothes or else the stain will be applied elsewhere. Stained clothes should be rubbed with light hands, rubbing with hard hands can damage clothes.

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