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News Tired Of Going To Banks Or ATMs For The New Rs 2000...

Tired Of Going To Banks Or ATMs For The New Rs 2000 Notes? Here’s An Option To Buy It On EBay!

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PM Narendra Modi wasn’t bluffing when he said that he will entirely kill the corruption. In the wake of coming into power, he propelled numerous new plans and approaches to build up the country. His most recent move of demonetization, which is a surgical strike on the black money holders has taken away the rest of many ruined individuals. On 8 November, at 8 PM, he reported the demonetization of Rs 500 and 1000 money notes to be banned, the 500-1000 notes got to be bits of paper after 12 pm.

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With this move, the individuals are in a sheer fear now. All the valuable Rs. 500-1000 notes that they have supplied through illegal means, don’t have any suitable proofs now, the notes have gotten to be bits of paper now. Moreover, this overcome move is additionally bringing about a lot of burden and has expanded the inconveniences for some average citizens.


Individuals are remaining in the long lines for a considerable length of time to get these notes. Individuals are posting pictures on the online networking with their new Rs. 2000 notes. It’s a major ordeal to have a Rs. 2000 note at this moment. On the off chance that you are not able to stand in the long lines, there’s a way out for you!


The new Rs 2,000 notes were being sold on eBay India on Wednesday. The price of these notes started from Rs 3,500 (You can choose online banking or credit card to pay). The 786 series notes were being sold for a very high price, since 786 is extremely popular in Asia as a talisman. For instance, a series of five Rs 2,000 notes starting with the number 786, were being sold by a seller for the hefty amount of Rs 1.51 lakh.


When TOI came across this deal on EBay, they reached Ebay India to enquire about the selling of a currency. A spokesperson for the company explained how Ebay is an independent online marketplace and an intermediary. It doesn’t control what independent sellers list on the site. The spokesperson further added – “There have been no successful transaction for Rs 2,000 currency notes.”

Isn’t that a super move by eBay? Do let us know your perspectives in the comment section below!

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