Titanic Ready To Sail Again-

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer and his company, Blue Star Line are ready to unveil the Titanic II, a replica of the largest ship, Titanic, which was sunk 106 years ago. They said that the Titanic was the ship of dreams which never takes it shape. But Titanic II is the ship where dreams will come true.

Titanic Ready To Sail Again

Source: indiatimes

Titanic II is four metres wide, 270 metres long and 53 metres tall. It will have three passenger classes and “no mingling”. The new ship is a complete replica of Titanic. It has same glorious original interiors like a grand staircase and Turkish bath. It will recreate  the full titanic experience. It will have nine floors and 840 cabins which can accommodate 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members.
Titanic Ready To Sail Again

The new Titanic have all safety systems which you would expect on a 21st-century ship like satellite controls, digital navigation, radar system and modern evacuation procedures. So according to the company it is a safest cruise ship in the world.

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