For those who are not aware of Deepika Padukone and Times of India’s history ( though I doubt there’d be any) here’s the tale, back in september 2014 Deepika Padukone lashed at TOI entertainment for thinking it was appropriate to sensationalise news about the picture taken of her cleavage. For which they candidly explained how it all meant as a ‘compliment’ (somebody at TOI needs a dictionary).

TOI Does It Again, Twisted Deepika's Candid Comments About Ranveer

And now fulfiling its ‘Duty’ TOI has done it again. In a candid interview with Bombay times Deepika explained her divine connection with Ranveer Singh and how comfortable she feels around her him.

She speaks about how Ranveer is her Best Friend and how her being sensitibe , vulnerable and emotional feels just about right with him.  “I can be so naked in front of Ranveer…and I know he will never hurt me or take me for granted”, she said. She said with him, she could bare her soul and still be at ease.

And just like every ‘creepy’ Entertainment channel or tabloid TOI twisted the whole statement making sound as shocking as they produced it to be as the Headline that they went with!


So much for ‘Entertainment’ and Good Journalism eh?

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