Top 10 Haunted Places In The World

There is no dearth of places in the world that are considered scary and cursed for some reason. Many of these are world famous buildings, where extraordinarily powerful people live, but the people living here have got a sense of the supernatural powers present in these buildings. Some people even saw such people in a living condition who had died a long time ago. Let us know about some such places which are considered cursed..

1. White House

The White House , the residence of the US President, is also counted in similar places in the world. Everyone knows that the President of America lives in this building. But it is also said about it that the soul of John Adams, the second President of America, lives here even today. Be aware that Adams played a very important role in America’s freedom struggle.   Many people have often seen such an old person roaming here, who disappears from sight in one glance. Some people call this old shadow the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, but because of the dress and behavior of this shadow, it is called the phantom of John Adams. No one living here is left a

2. The Schooner Hotel

The world’s oldest and most haunted place in England. King George III and the famous writer Charles Dickens stayed in this hotel. He loved staying here and even today this hotel remains open all night for every mango, special. But if you have to stay with it you at your own risk charge will. A paranormal society in Britain claims that phantom spirits have registered their presence in their numbers here that keeping close with them can prove fatal for humans. It is said that the rooms number 17 and number 28 of this hotel are very scary because no one staying in them has been able to save their life.

3. LaLaurie House

Madame LaLaurie used to live in this house in the early 1800s in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. It is said that in front of the world she used to present a very good woman, but behind her back she used to treat her slaves and servants very badly and inhumanly.  It is said that one night one of her slaves set fire to her house in which Lalauri was burnt to death. But her soul still wanders in this building which has become a hotel. Her spirit scares the people who come to the hotel. People have heard strange sounds there many times, which are very scary to hear.

4. The Tower of London (England)

Once upon a time, this place used to house dangerously notorious figures of England, many of whom were beheaded or hanged. Dangerous spirits of the same dead captives wander here today and trouble everyone who comes and goes. People have heard screaming and screaming in pain here many times and have seen the body with severed head moving around.

5. Island of Dolls

This place is two hours away from Mexico City and is very beautiful, but tourists are afraid to come here because at this place deformed dolls are hanging from the trees every step of the way, Who is seen staring at everyone and after seeing whom no one can walk even a single step. The story behind this is that Don Julian Santana Barrera, along with his wife, had come to live in this secluded place. He liked to be alone, but one day he found the body of a girl flowing from the drain, on which Julian felt that he had come under the influence of the spirit of this corpse. For this reason, to overcome the influence of the spirit, they hung dolls all over the island until they died. He is said to have been found dead by his nephew. It’s been 14 years since Junian died but people come here looking for adventure.

6. Union Cemetery, Connecticut

A community cemetery on Stepney Road in Easton, near Connecticut in the US, which is known as the scariest cemetery in Connecticut as well as in the entire US. This cemetery is known because of the white ghost or ‘White Lady’. Many people have claimed about him that they have also taken pictures of him.   According to people, she has very long hair and she always wears a gown like a cloak. She is rarely seen in the middle of the road, where she seems to be colliding with vehicles, but still she can be seen safely by the people. This cemetery is kept closed during the night. Experts of paranormal activities about this cemetery say that there are strange experiences here even during the day.

7. The Whaley House, San Diego

This is also a haunted building in America and  ever since the mysterious deaths of the people of the Whaley family have taken place in it, since then many stories are being told and heard about this mansion. Huh. Those who come here have admitted to seeing ghosts in the garden here and they say that they have seen Whaley’s spirit in the parlor there.  This building was built in 1857 by Thomas Whaley and his family lived in it which has now become a museum. Here a girl whom people say to be the great-granddaughter of Thomas Whaley, committed suicide by drinking poison. Those who come here tell that this girl named Reynold roams the whole mansion holding people’s hands. This building was considered a classic building of the old city in its time.

8. Roynham Hall, Norfolk, England

Roynham Hall is a country house in Norfolk, England that has been occupied by the Townshend family for nearly 300 years. This haveli has been declared a haunted place in the whole area. A photograph taken here, in which a woman is seen descending the stairs, is considered one of the most haunting images of ghosts. It is astonishing that this woman could never be seen again after this photo.

9. Pickens County Courthouse, Alabama

A ghostly image is seen on the window of the Pickens County Courthouse, Alabama Courthouse in Carlton, USA. People say the image is of Henry Wells, who was killed on a stormy night in 1878 by a mob on the wrongful charge of setting fire to the previous Courthouse.  It is said that even today the image of Wales is visible on the windows of this courthouse and for this reason it can only be seen from outside, which has special signs for sight-seeing, and here for a closer look Special glasses are also kept.

10. Willard Asylum

This insane asylum in Willard, New York was built in 1869 and closed in the year 1995. At one point of time, about 4000 patients used to live here and it is said that about 50,000 patients died within its boundaries. This thing makes this closed madhouse even more frightening. Although the patients living here were sent back after its closure, before that only the dead bodies of the patients used to go from here. 

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