Top 10 Places To Visit In Ukraine

Ukraine is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe. The country is still relatively unknown among tourists, so you can really enjoy all the peace and space here. Kiev is one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. This beautiful capital is full of impressive historic buildings and you can enjoy beautiful churches, cozy squares and all kinds of restaurants. The towns of Lviv and Odessa are also highly recommended. The cities are characterized by a multicultural atmosphere and many places of interest. Looking for a bit of nature? Then visit the high mountains of the Carpathians. Here you can enjoy walking and cycling through the mountains. In short, there is plenty to do and see in Ukraine. Let’s talk about the best places to visit in Ukraine here.


Top 10 Places To Visit In Ukraine

Kyiv is the beautiful capital of Ukraine, located on the Dnieper River. The city was founded around the ninth century and has a rich history with many wars and periods of prosperity. In addition, the city was an important trade hub to the Byzantine Empire and you can find many traces of this time. You should also definitely take a look at Saint Sophia Cathedral. This beautiful church dates from the eleventh century and is very beautiful inside and out. The Cave Monastery is also definitely worth a visit. This monastery is the center of the Orthodox faith and is richly decorated with the most beautiful works of art. You can also find an underground tunnel system where you can find dozens of mummy’s of saints. The town itself is also very cozy. It is characterized by large boulevards, cozy squares and impressive mansions. One of the highlights is the Independence Square. The huge square is surrounded by large buildings and there are all kinds of monuments. The square is located on Khreshchaty Street, where you can find all kinds of nice shops and restaurants.


Top 10 Places To Visit In Ukraine

Lviv is a beautiful historic city in western Ukraine. The city was founded in the 13th century and has had a turbulent history. Over the past centuries it has been in the hands of the Poles, the Austrians, the Germans and the Russians. You will find a great mixture of cultures in the city and it has had many different names over the years. The city is characterized by buildings in very diverse architectural styles such as Baroque, Gothic, Art Nouveau and Classicism. An architecture lover will be amazed here and can enjoy themselves for days. There are dozens of special cathedrals and churches throughout the city and it is certainly worth visiting them all. Rynok Square is one of the most famous sights in Lviv. The square is surrounded by impressive historic buildings and you will find several fountains and statues. It is always pleasantly busy and you can enjoy nice terraces. Another must-see is the Lviv Castle. The castle is located on a hill of 413 meters high and you have a beautiful view. You can learn all kinds of things about the history of Lviv.

The Carpathians

The Carpathians Ukraine

The Carpathians are a high mountain range that stretches across the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Ukraine. You can still find real untouched nature there and it is therefore the perfect destination for every nature lover. The part of the Carpathians that runs through Ukraine is full of dense forests, mysterious swamps and high mountains. In addition, you will find the Dniester river and there are many different animal species. For example, you can spot the golden eagle, lynx, wolf and brown bear. The Beskids are one of the most important parts of the Ukrainian Carpathians. This beautiful area is full of beautiful walks and bike rides and you can enjoy distant views of the mountain peaks. The highest mountain peak is the Hoverla with its 2061 meters. You can reach the top through some beautiful hiking trails.


Top 10 Places To Visit In Ukraine Odessa

Odessa is a beautiful port city located in the south of Ukraine, on the shores of the Black Sea. The city has been under the influence of the Ottoman and Russian empires in the past and is home to a large Jewish community. This has made it a multicultural city where you can find traces of different cultures. One of the main attractions of the city are the Potemkin Stairs. The staircase has 192 steps and creates an optical illusion due to the smart design. At the top of the stairs you have a beautiful view of the city and it gives you access to the port of Odessa. On the other side of the stairs you will find the Primorsky boulevard. This picturesque street is full of nice restaurants and shops. You should also definitely take a look at the Transfiguration Cathedral. This church is beautifully decorated inside and out and so definitely worth a visit. Want to escape from the city? Then spend a day at one of the wonderful beaches near Odessa.

The Tunnel of Love

The Tunnel of Love

The Tunnel of Love is a beautiful natural tunnel that you can find in the northwestern part of Ukraine. The tunnel is located near the town of Klevan and is visited by many tourists and photographers every year. The tunnel consists only of green bushes and trees and this creates a beautiful picture. A railway runs through the 3 kilometer long tunnel and it is therefore possible to make a special ride. You can also walk through it and take the most beautiful pictures.


Top 10 Places To Visit In Ukraine Yalta

Yalta is a city located on the Crimean peninsula. The city has a rich history and is best known for the Yalta Conference. This conference took place during the Second World War in the Livadia Palace. The three major allied countries attended the conference, namely the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union. The Livadia Palace is therefore also one of the most important sights. The beautiful marble building is surrounded by large gardens and there is a museum where you can learn all about the conference and the city. You should also definitely see the swallow’s nest. This small castle is located on the coast and is very beautiful to see. The Aloepka Palace and the Massandre Palace are also very impressive and should not be missed when visiting Yalta.


Crimea is a beautiful peninsula in the south of Ukraine. The island is also called the Russian Riviera and this is because of the wonderful beaches, nice coastal towns and beautiful villas. You can swim in the Black Sea and enjoy beautiful nature. You will find many forests, hills and fields here and bird lovers can spot special birds such as the short-toed eagle and the peregrine falcon. One of the most beautiful natural parks is the Yalta Forest Nature Reserve. This reserve is characterized by limestone cliffs, waterfalls and forests. You can enjoy a nice walk and have a beautiful view. Spread over the island you will find several nice towns such as Yalta.


Chernobyl Ukraine

Everyone has heard of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in 1986. During a trial, something went terribly wrong that killed dozens of people and spread radioactive material across the region. After the disaster, the area was evacuated by the high radiation and Chernobyl remained uninhabited for years. People have been allowed to return there since 2012, but a large part of the city and the nuclear power plant itself is still deserted. In addition, it is now also possible to make an excursion to the city as a tourist. This is because the levels of radiation are now so low that it is safe to visit the zone. A visit to Chernobyl can only be done with a guide and you will learn everything about the city and the disaster. You will be amazed by the abandoned buildings.

Askania-Nova Biosphere Reserve

Askania-Nova Biosphere Reserve Ukraine

The Askania-Nova Biosphere Reserve is a beautiful reserve in the south of Ukraine. The reserve was founded in 1898 by a baron who owned a large area of ​​steppe. He wanted to open a large garden and animal park here, where animals are protected and where people can come and admire them. The reserve is located in the large steppe area of ​​Ukraine, where you can enjoy vast fields and peace and quiet. The reserve is known for the many special animal and plant species that occur there. You can spot the rare Przewalski horse and there are 269 different bird species.


Top 10 Places To Visit In Ukraine

Donetsk is an interesting city, located in the east of Ukraine. The city has a rich past and was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War. After this, the city was built in a Soviet style and this is very special to see. It is a real industrial city and you can also find many universities and schools here. You can learn all about the architectural style and culture of the Russians.