Top 7 Secret Hotels In India For Once In A Lifetime Experience


When it comes to secret hotels in India, we have to do a lot of research about it. Anyway, today everyone wants to spend a few days away from the runaway part of urban life. Somewhere in this world of social media and internet, there has been a decrease in mental peace. In such a situation, if someone finds a natural, quiet and beautiful place to spend a few days then what to say. So today, we will give you information about 7 Secret Hotels in India. These hotels are of course located in such magnificent and beautiful places that after spending some time here, your mind will be very happy.

1. Elephant Valley Eco Farm, Kodaikanal


This is a place where elephants go towards Kerala via Tamil Nadu. In such a situation, seeing the migration of elephants here is a very unique experience. The special thing is that solar energy is used here and there is no internet access here. Which means that the people who come here are completely isolated from the rest of the world. But this social distancing is very good.

2. The Tamara, Coorg

Secret hotels in India

The small tree houses on the trees at The Tamara in Coorg, Karnataka are very beautiful and provide mental peace away from the noise of the cities. Coorg is world famous for its natural beauty anyway. By staying here, you will surely get the happy experience of your life which you will remember and whose stories you will also tell others.

3. Hidden Valley Retreat, Wayanad

This place in Wayanad, Kerala, is not just named the Hidden Valley Retreat. It is a very beautiful place and one of the most spectacular spots to see the natural beauty of Kerala up close. The most important thing that you will get to experience here is the convenience here. Here you will not find luxury hotels, villas or cottages.

4. Little Dream, The Morning Surprise

Secret hotels in India

These small home stays in Nasogi village near Manali are also no less than a paradise for those who want to spend a few days in a quiet place separate from the urban part race. This village is just 15 minutes away from Manali bus stand. That is, if you want to reach Nasogi village from Manali Bus Stand by any car, then it will take only 15 minutes.

5. Home of Gaia – Yogic Abode

If you want to spend some time around apple orchards, then this place is best for you. This place located away from the hustle and bustle of world is not too far from Manali and there is no crowd. This place is best for creative field people like writers, musicians, yogis and actors.

6. Tipperary Colonial Bungalow

Secret hotels in India

If you are fond of reading novels and if you have read the novels of Charles Dickens, then you will feel like going to this place and have seen this place before. These vintage bungalows are built in British architecture. These bungalows located a little away from Yercaud Town in Salem district of Tamil Nadu, are very beautiful and are a treasure for those seeking natural beauty.

7. Cardamom House, Dindigul

Secret hotels in India

Cardamom House used to be the family house of Doctor Chris Lucus in the British era. Built on the outskirts of Athur, a small village in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, Cardamom House is one of the best places in India to enjoy the monsoon season. Kamarajar Lake is very close to it, which is very beautiful, and beholding this lake at sunrise from the terrace of Cardamam House is a very beautiful experience.

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