insects with superpowers
insects with superpowers

Some people assume Insects as creepy and dangerous living organisms. Some insects look cute and some look really bad. Apart from the weird appearance, they also possess some impressive abilities which can really amaze you. Let’s know about that.


Bees superpowers
-They can calculate angles using their waggle dance and movements of the body.
-Remember certain landmarks


Cockroaches abilities
-Ability to survive nuclear wars because of their excellent shells
-They have antibacterial molecules in their body more powerful than our antibioticsĀ 


Top 10 Supernatural Powers Of Insects
-Producing their own lights
– Talk to each other and produce light signals to interact


Top 10 Supernatural Powers Of Insects
-Use very little energy to go really long distances
– Can also fly up to 80 kilometers in a day

Dung Beetles

-They use animal waste for building their own houses and also for food


-Ability to jump 150 times their own height


ants abilities
-Ability to carry massive heavyweight


-Sharp brain and also a speedy insect

Bombardier Beetle

-Ability to fire a hot mixture of a chemical solution which burns its enemies

Voodoo Wasps

Voodoo Wasps abilities
-Turns their prey into zombies