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High Life Did You Know These Are The 10 Most Expensive Prostitutes in The...

Did You Know These Are The 10 Most Expensive Prostitutes in The World?

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Prostitutes in our society don’t have a respectable status. But some are those who are richest and fret not over what people say about them! Not all prostitutes are same, most of them are heard to be high-class escorts. They charge the cash you can’t even imagine just for spending a night!

With the age of the internet, these prostitutes become richer because thousands of websites are running especially for the prostitute, called online escort services. The millionaires buy them for a night by visiting such sites and they charge in a huge number just for a night. Hence, making them the richest escorts. More the popularity the more is the cost. Here is a list of 10 richest escorts in the world.

1) Name: Zahia Dehar

Cost: $1,200 per night

2) Name: Loredana Jolie

Cost: $2,000 per night

3) Name: Just Kassandra

Cost: $3,000 per night

4) Name: Ashley Dupre (Kristen)

Cost: $4,300 per night

5) Name: Ms. Maya Blue

Cost: $4,500 per night

6) Name: Ava Xi’an

Cost: $6,500 per night

7) Alina Percea

Cost: $8,000 per night

8) Name: Natalie McLennan

Cost: $16,000 per night

9) Name: Lauren Bushnell

Cost: $24,000 per night

10) Name: Michelle Braun

Cost: $50,000 per night

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