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Tech Top 3 Secret WhatsApp Tricks in 2020

Top 3 Secret WhatsApp Tricks in 2020

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In this post, we are here with 3 best and latest secret Whatsapp tricks in 2020 that you must try. WhatsApp is continuously improving its overall design and experience for the readers. In this era of technology and tons of social messaging apps, almost everybody has a WhatsApp account.

  1. Listen to voice messages privately without headphones in public

Imagine, If you ever get a voice message in public but don’t want others to listen? So we’ve got you a trick you can use without headphones. Just place your phone near your ear and play the voice message. With this trick, the proximity sensor of your phone gets activated. So now your phone’s primary earpiece speaker is playing the voice message.

2. Change Text Format

Bored of simple design of your messages or wants to highlight important words? So here is the trick to make it Strike-through, Italics or Bold.

Strike-through: Just add symbol (~) in the start and end of the text you want to make strike through. i.e. ~i love nature~ now this text will appear as i love nature.

Italic: Add an underscore (_) in start and end of the text to make it Italic. i.e. _i love nature_ now this will appear as i love nature.

Bold: Just add a star (*) in the start and end of the text to make it look bold. i.e. *i love nature* this will appear as i love nature.

3. Using Bubble messages

Bubble notifications makes it easy to text and saves a lot of time.Even you can do more tasks and continue to chat on whatsapp also which makes it a fun. All you need to do is, head to play store on android and app store in ios. Download “WhatsBubbles” app and synchronize with your whatsapp account.

Share these secret whatsapp tricks with your family and friends and let us know if you want to know more tricks like this.

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