The world of Entertainment and Media is fast growing and untimely captivating. In the recent years the market and commerce of content and media websites have seen new heights. And with the introduction of Mobile Applications, viewers can now be in constant touch with their favorite entertainment and publishing medium. Here are the top in the field media websites and Top 5 Apps for the most entertaining and viral content.



Buzzfeed is playing the lead in the game and brings to you the most latest news on entertainment, Gossip and Social media. and is the first to bring in the buzz. Not only this it also feeds you with exciting information on Life, food and other useful tips. Click here to Download this amazing App.

MTV India


One of the most popular brand all over the world, MTV india gives you the most exclusive Bollywood Gossip and insights into the world of Glamour. Also you get the latest buzz on shows, blogs and videos and the hottest MTV content. Click here to Download the App now.

Pagal Parrot


Pagal Parrot lights up your phone with a special concoction of Information and entertainment. It offers you the best of Bollywood, News, Lifestyle, Travel, food, Desi as well as International and a whole new level of humour after carefully sieving information that captivates and enthralls. Not only this Pagal Parrot offers you amedium to voice your own thoughts, or an experience or even a story. Try out the Awesome and vibrant App right now. To Download Click here.



Scoopwhoop shot to fame in a short time and the App promises to provide the hottest and viral content on the web. From Bollywood to Politics and even international content to provide a dose of entertainment everyday. The app is now in Beta click here to Download.



Indiatimes app brings you the trending topics from all over the world of entertainment as well as current affairs to keep yourself updated and to stay on the exciting side of life. From News, to Bollywood, Lifestyle and sports the app will surely keep on the lookout for the hottest buzz. Download the app right here.

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