Infotainment Top 5 Creepiest TV Commercials of World Ever AIRED

Top 5 Creepiest TV Commercials of World Ever AIRED

As we all love to watch Television in late nights and commercials are the usual part of our favourite show or program. But there were some commercials of the world which can make your heart beat fast and you can be scared badly by watching it mid-night. Here we will see the top 5 horrible advertisements which no one should watch at mid-night while watching television especially the kids and people with soft heart. So, following are the top creepiest commercials on Television:

  1. As Japenese Cinema is famous for their Horror movies, they toped in commercial too. The Japnese Tire Commercial tops the list of creepiest commercials. This advertisement was about aware people to use good quality car tires. But this advertisement was so horrible and disturbing and banned after just a few days of it’s broadcast.

2. The second advertisement is ‘The Judderman’. This advertisement is creepy and disturbing. Moreover, this add won the award for ‘Most Scariest TV Commercial’ in the UK. This is really a mysterious advertisement because of its artwork and make-up. Later this add was banned by UK government because of many people complaint that it is so disturbing and horrible to watch at night.

3. Another advertisement is for PlayStation 3. In this add the, there is a baby doll and PS3 in empty room and doll did creepy things. This add was also banned on television due to public reports.

4. This advertisement is about our most favourite fast food brand ‘McDonald’s’. This advertisement was made in Japan unofficially. In this add, the character of McDonald enters in people’s home in an inappropriate and horrible way. This advertisement was also banned after people filed the complaint against McDonald.

5. The number of commercials didn’t end til now. There is another commercial also which can make you feel shocked. This advertisement is of Little Baby’s Ice Cream. This advertisement made many people mentally ill and they have to get hospitalised after watching it.

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