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Top 5 Exotic Places To Visit This Weekend From All Around The World

Who doesn’t  need a break from daily routine? Everybody. This weekend take off, pack your bags and visit the exotic destination from all around the world. Some exotic places which will surely refresh your mind and hopefully will be in your budget! Do not worry about the budget. We have prepared a list of the most exotic countries, cities and islands from all the world for you to go and travel.

South Africa: Johannesburg and Cape Town


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After the death of Nelson Mandela world’s focus came to one of South Africa’s major cities – Johannesburg. Also known as Jo’burg or Jozi. Here life is fast – paced, buzzes with cafe, theaters and art scene especially in the cultural districts of Newtown and Braamfontein. The city have stunning skyscapes to view! This is where the Apartheid Museum and the Old Fort Prison complex that held Mahatma Gandhi and Mandela captive can be seen.


@All Dubai

Dubai is filled with shopping malls and high rise hotels. This means you won’t see any  nightclubs, Las Vegas-style shows or casinos (gambling is illegal even though Dubai famously hosts the worlds must lucrative racehorse). But you will see sensational architecture, which is the unique thing about Dubai!  Like : seven-star hotel, Burj El Arab. Weather at Dubai is extremely high, the best time to visit Dubai is between  November to March.

New Delhi : The National Capital


India is a vast country, and the capital of such a vast country must be special. In New Delhi, there are many monuments which remind of  the British era. Such as The Parliament house a circular colonnaded building that houses ministerial offices and India Gate an Arc-de-Triomphe look-alike memorial to British soldiers designed by Edwin Lytyens and the mosques that reflect Islamic India like Jama Masjid. From here it’s just a train journey to Agra to see the great  Taj Mahal.



Sydney is on Australia’s southeast coast of the Tasman sea with a well-recognised shimmering harbor and an iconic opera house. There are many surfing beaches  such as Bondi and Manly, the lively nightlife, shopping and myriad of festivals and galleries.  The city is built on hills around Sydney harbor and further in is the metropolitan area dotted with several national parks as well as the Royal Botanic Gardens.



Barbados is a small island and it is a classic. The island certainly has everything you would expect of a tropical paradise – coconut trees, humming birds, a rain forest, blue coral-reefed seas and miles of sandy beaches. Bridgetown, the capital, is also the bustling commercial centre of the Island.

So, these are the exotic destinations. Hop on a train, bus or an aeroplane and if you are lucky enough to be that rich then on a private jet and travel the world.

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