High Life Health Top 5 Foods Which Can Boost Your Eye Health And Improve Vision

Top 5 Foods Which Can Boost Your Eye Health And Improve Vision


Are you eating the right  and healthy food for your eye. You have probably heard that carrots and other orange – colored foods are good for your eyes and improve your vision.  Beta-carotene, a type of vitamin A that gives these foods their orange hue, helps the retina and other parts of the eye to function smoothly. Though their connection to eyes and health are not exactly known , but these are significant for your eye’s health.

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There is much food which you can  eat regularly to improve your eyesight. And these are not myths.

Leafy Green Vegetables

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These are packed with lutein and zeaxanthin—antioxidants that, studies show, lower the risk of developing macular degeneration and cataracts. As cataract is  the most common health issue related to eyes.



The yolk in an egg is a major source of the lutein and zeaxanthin which helps in reducing reduce your macular degeneration risk. Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss  more than cataracts and glaucoma combined.

Citrus And Berries


Fruits which contain citruses like orange , lemon , grapefruits , tangerines , blood orange and Budha’s hand. These fruits are the powerhouse of Vitamin C ,  which helps in reducing macular degeneration and cataracts.



Eating a handful of almonds can reduce macular degeneration as they are vitamin E.

Fatty Fish


All the fatty fishes like Tuna , salmon , mackerel , anchovies , and trout all these fishes are rich in DHA . Docosahexaenoic acid ( DHA ) is an acid  which is responsible for the primary structural component of human brain and retina.  If  DHS is less in your body then it can be the main cause of dry eye syndrome.

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