High Life Health Top 5 Health Facts Proved Wrong!

Top 5 Health Facts Proved Wrong!

Each and every person cares about his health and hygiene, and for that, he even crosses many unthinkable measures. Now the point is that how will you feel if you’ll get to know that the health measures you are taking from such a long period of time are actually false and harmful for your health? Here’s the list of top 5 health facts which are most commonly believed by everyone but are now proved false:

5. Antibacterial soaps prevent infection

NO! antibacterial soaps only stops you from spreading your bacteria and are even proved to bring several hormonal changes in your body, leading to several health risks.

4. Diet soda helps in loosing weight


Having artifical sweeteners like in the sevral diet drinks only stops an individual’s body capicity to deal with natural sweetners, thus, adversely affecting his other foods and sugar intake, making him fat.

3. Beards and moustaches give a man the dashing looks


They do give men a dashing look but only at the risk of health. The germs and dirt present in the beards amd moustaches already give a person’s health a negative effect.

2. Green apples causes headaches


This fact is really an irony to its reality, even scientists have proved that green apples are helpful in stopping a migraine.

1. Coffee makes a person active


Actually, coffee doesn’t increase the alertness of a person but reduces the amount of Adenosine which is a substract which slows down a person’s mind. Whenever you have coffee and take a sleep,  it clears all the amount of adenosine and makes a person feel refreshed and active.

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