From Priya Prakash to Disha Patani, 6 Girls Who Became The National Crush of India Overnight


Social media is one such platform that makes a random person a star overnight. For a proof, currently, a girl is trending on the Internet who is winning hearts with her expressions in a video. her name is Priya Prakash. She is now declared as the national crush of India. Well, it is not for the first time when the Internet made a star overnight. Here are 5 national crushes who won hearts over the internet and became national crush overnight.

1) Priya Prakash

She just blinked and made the whole country go gaga over her. The video of her trending on the internet is taken from her upcoming movie Oru Adaar Love which is her debut movie. She started her career with the Malayalam film industry. She is now commonly heard by every voice and became more familiar in a short span. Her photos images are now going viral in social media. Her videos are going crazy in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2) Smriti Mandhana

The second on the list is Smriti Mandhana who is an Indian cricketer who plays for the Indian women’s cricket team. Smriti Mandhana who has been in red-hot form throughout the women world cup 2017 is bowling over cricket fans by her beauty and has emerged as the most beautiful cricketer in recent times.

3) Disha Patani

She is having a huge fan following on Instagram and on twitter as well. Her pictures go viral as soon as she posts it, even news channels are also interested in what she posted on Instagram.

4) Shirly Setia

The Indo-kiwi Youtube sensation and a Singer Shirly is not winning hearts for her mesmerizing voice but for cute looks or the whole cheerful personality.

5) Saima Hussain

Remember the selfie girl Saima who caught in a selfie with Shah Rukh Khan? She became an Internet sensation in just a few hours after her photo with Shah Rukh Khan went viral on the social media. People started giving her marriage proposals, modelling offers, and advice like to step in Bollywood.

6) Rashmika Mandanna

From sharing her latest pics to being famous in the cyber world, we can learn all this from Rashmika. The actress is currently busy in shooting a series some projects in Kannada and Telugu industry. A few time ago, a search engine giant has given a big surprise to Rashmika Mandana. She has been recognized as the ‘National Crush of India’ for this year by the search engine gaint. The girl has become the National Crush of India now. It is indeed a good news for the fans of her.