Top 5 Professional Basketballers To Have Featured In Movies Since 2010

The NBA is one of the most adored basketball competitions globally. Even at home, millions of Indians are increasingly fancying the sport.

Of course, such teeming enthusiasm for the game is not out of place, given the fascinating entertainment NBA fixtures provide for Indian basketball lovers.

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Inevitably, the NBA has produced some global legends adored for their conquest in the sport and even courageous ventures into fields outside basketball.

Since 1971 when NBA pro, Jamal Wilkes, was featured in ‘Cornbread, Earl and Me’, basketball players have been involved in movies.

These movies have ranged from great to not-so-good. However, this has not stopped professional players from trying out their hands at acting.

Let us look at the performances of some notable professional basketball players in recent movies and the roles they played in the movie.

1.  LeBron James

LeBron James is one of the biggest superstars in the basketball universe and is loved both off and on the court.

We can say that LeBron is one of the best of all time in the world of basketball, considering his success since the start of his career. LeBron has proven himself over and over again.

LeBron starred in the 2021 movie ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy.’ The movie is an interesting remake of the Space Jam classic featuring another NBA legend, Michael Jordan.

LeBron plays a fictional version of himself trapped in a virtual world with his son, Dom, by a rogue AI. He has to build a team with the Looney Tunes to beat the AI’s team called theGoon Squad.

Although the movie received mixed reviews, Space Jam 2 is full of humor, has a much more personalized storyline, and allows the individual characters to shine through.

2. Kevin Garnett

We cannot talk about great professional NBA players without making mention of Kevin Garnett. During the 21 seasons he played in the NBA, he was one of the best power forwards.

Garnett is also one of the very few players who has won the Most Valuable Player and Defensive Player of the Year Awards.

Garnett’s role in the 2019 movie ‘Uncut Gems’ is award-winning. Uncut Gems follows a New York jeweler who has to retrieve a rare opal gem to pay off his debts.

Garnet plays himself, obsessed with the gem, which allows the jeweler to make some high stake bets.

One thing we love about this movie is how every actor fits perfectly into their role. The producers successfully wove the script around each character.

Garnett brings the dedication and intensity associated with his on-court game into the role. This earns him critical praise from the audience and critics alike.

3. Kyrie Irving

There is a controversy over whether Kyrie Irving is among the NBA’s top 10 best players. However, we cannot deny that he is one of the best point guards out there.

Since his career’s inception in 2011, he has dazzled both his fans and competitors on the court.

He also joined the long list of NBA actors who have starred in movies. Irving features in ‘Uncle Drew’, a 2018 American sports comedy.

The movie follows a young basketball player (Dax) who dreams of winning a tournament; he loses his team to a rival. He has to convince a team of older basketball players led by Irving to help him win.

Uncle Drew plays the underdog script by juxtaposing comedy with team play to get Dax his much-needed win.

Irving went out of his comfort zone in this performance, having to play a much older person. He also perfectly balances being a goofball with impacting serious advice from time to time.

4. Blake Griffin

Griffin’s most popular performance as an actor is in Whitney Cummings 2017 comedy film, ‘The Female Brain.’ The movie follows a female neuroscientist doing research comparing male and female brains.

The neuroscientist ends up falling in love with one of her male study subjects and realizes the male brain works differently from the female.

Griffin plays the basketball husband of a sales manager at an advertising company. He is spending more time at home. 

However, this is causing a problem with his wife, who is also stressed out at work.

The movie breathes new air into the popular men vs women arguments armed with scientific evidence. With an overlay of romantic comedy, we enjoyed the characters’ interplay.

5. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets is one of our favorites on and off the court, and seeing him on TV screens is a delight for many. Durant is not a stranger to acting and has been featured in several movies and TV shows.

However, our favourite movie featuring him is the 2012 comedy ‘Thunderstruck.’ In Thunderstruck, Taylor Gray is a teenage klutz who magically acquires Durant’s talents and abilities. While the switch makes Taylor his high school basketball team star, it leaves Durant unable to score.

Although the movie did not perform so well with critics, we can’t deny the bond between the characters. The best of it is that Thunderstruck is hilarious and great for family time.

Seeing top professional players in Hollywood movies never gets old. While some have shown some interesting acting skills, others have been lousy bets at acting. From Garnett’s ‘Uncut Gems’ to Durant’s ‘Thunderstruck’, we have been able to see our beloved players in a different light.

What do you think about our top 5 basketballers list? Who do you think had the best performance, and who gave the worst? Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments.