Top 7 Digital Newsstands To Help You Grow Your Business

There are several digital platforms that help you to get access to news and magazines everywhere, this also gives the business a new platform to reach more customers. Thus expanding their business, for instance, Magzter is one of the digital newsstands which gives you access to over 5000 magazines, all encapsulated under astounding rebates. To grow your business with the new technology, check out the top digital newsstand and let your business find the right success path with the new trends.


Magzter is one of the world’s largest digital newsstands, giving you a seamless digital reading experience since 2011. Magzter’s game-changing feature makes it a perfect digital newsstand, ‘Magzter Smart Reading Zone’. This feature gives businesses an opportunity to grow and expand the business as you can simply partner with Magzter and turn your locations into Smart Reading Zones. There is also an option ‘Advertise with Us’ wherein as a company, you can enter your details to advertise with the world’s largest digital newsstand. Furthermore, with the aid of exciting Magzter Coupons you can even score a straight 50% on premium subscription and more.

There is another exciting offer with Magzter Gold where you can keep your employees updated with the latest news, business and tech trends available in 40+ categories and 60+ languages. You can enjoy this opportunity as there are exciting pricing plans to help your business attain more success.


The Digital newsstand platform Zinio is one of the best digital platforms, you can keep your sales bag filled with the amazing digital newsstand. It operates in 190+ countries giving your organization a new way to generate sales and follow the latest trends. You can follow the FB

It is easier to deliver your magazine with Zinio globally as the digital newsstand platform offers you stunning deals and coupons. You can get Business and Finance Digital magazines that will help your business to find new ideas at discounted membership plans like 50% off on 200+ magazines and more. 


FBReader is an e-book reader platform for various devices like Linux, Microsoft windows, android and more. FBReader platform makes your reading experience better and e-books are very popular these days. This can also help you to grow your company’s affairs, you can download their application to get access to several benefits like allowing you to find with any word or phrase and making your reading more amazing. 


There are many platforms to help you grow your business by giving access to a digital newsstand. It is an instant digital cross-platform for publishers and readers, it has newspapers, books and journals, magazines and more to give you an amazing platform to expand your business operations and further intensify the growth potential. This also opens up new advertisement channels to benefit the Subscriber, reader and publisher. 

You can also enjoy various exciting benefits like audio integration, GPS, Image gallery, Contests and more.


ReadersHub is a perfect digital platform for publishers as it helps to publish magazines, newspapers, books and journals. The online digital newsstand is available for multiple platforms like desktops, smartphones and tablets. The ReadersHub platform provides you the benefit of wider reachability as it provides a global audience and also gives an amazing feature of advertisement channels, publishing your books and journals is now easy with the platform.

Business Standard

Business Standard is one of the leading platforms in India for Business news and information. This amazing platform has a lot of information that can help your business to flourish more judiciously, it has all the latest news, analysis and opinions on market trends, companies, economic policies, industries and more to make it a one-stop solution for all the business news.

You can get seamless access to Business Standard premium content through the subscription and get an exciting offer where you can subscribe now and get 12 months free for an annual subscription plan.

The Financial Express

The digital newsstand has all the latest business news headlines including Indian Stock Market News, Live Stocks, mutual funds, personal finance and more on one platform. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest business news update in your mailbox. The Financial Express can help you and your employees to begin a new business journey following the latest business industry trends. There is also a Hindi Edition option at the platform and the digital newsstand follows a tagline- Read to Lead, motivating you to grow your business in a judicious way.

It is required to stay up-to-date with the new technologies and business trends, to keep the sales bag filled you need to follow the latest business trends, digital newsstands give you access to a wide variety of business-related info in the form of books and journals, newspapers and magazines and that too at exciting subscription plans.

You can download their application or login to their website to find the latest offers and deals at affordable prices and expand your business rapidly.

Now, the digital newsstands are there to help you grow and achieve success for your business by reading, learning and implementing the new technology at affordable membership plans.