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High Life Top 7 Hill Stations in India for Honeymoon

Top 7 Hill Stations in India for Honeymoon

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Give a perfect start to your married life. Start your honeymoon off on a romantic getaway to the most grandeur and rejuvenating hill stations of India. The scenic beauty and exciting adventurous spots of these holiday destinations have attracted a huge traffic of tourists across the globe. If you want to satiate your appetite for adventure,blended with romance, then take a look at these top notch hill stations covering the major vertical destinations of the country.It could be confusing on you for where to start, here is a perfect guide to the lovely places. 

1. Mussoorie – The queen of hills

Head to the beautiful land of Uttarakhand and get blown by the mystical beauty of mountains. Popularly known as the queen of hills, this little hill station  is exceedingly beautiful to explore with your loved ones. The place is surrounded by nature in and around. Landour, a small situated a few km above the Mussoorie is a perfect a place to spend some quality time together. Being less crowded, it provides the desired serenity and tranquil to walk in and around the small hill town. Mussoorie is well known for the high end boarding schools that makes it a great education hub besides it’s primary impression is as honeymoon destination. So, if you wish to fly to the place, then book your tickets at unbelievable price with makemytripcoupons to cherish long lasting memories.

2. Kashmir

Kashmir is the crown of the country that certainly brings one close to the nature. This place is so full of vibrant mountains and exquisite valleys that you would not like to miss it. Being the most active and dynamic hill stations of India, it has got the hearts of honeymooners all over the world. The most spectacular attractions lie in Srinagar, the head city of Kashmir, namely, Dal lake, Pari Mahal, Shalimar Bagh and the flouting markets. If you want a romantic escape in the lap of nature, then this place won’t disappoint  in any possible form . The soothing music of the chilly winds,the scenic beauty of the nature and the peaceful conformity of the place make it the heaven on earth.  

3. Ooty

Ooty is one of the most pleasant hill stations of the Nilgiris. The lovely serene weather along forest covered hills makes it the most sought-after honeymoon destination. Ooty is best known for homemade chocolates and tea production. The mountains are so much filled with photographic beauty of nature that it gives the perfect summer retreat for a quality holiday. Situated in Tamil Nadu, the mountain range of the Nilgiris is not as high as the Himalayas but equally beautiful and scenic to die for. The intricate and sweet-smelling flowers, the enclosure of the eucalyptus trees around the lake and the calmly standing water make it a quite the right place for downtime from the entropy and workforce.

4. Khandala 

Khandala is a very popular hill station among the tourists, being proximal to the metropolis of Maharashtra. With lush valleys, sparkling lakes high mountains and picturesque scenery, it has everything to make your honeymoon unforgettable for the rest of your life. If you are a nature buff then Khandala has nature’s territory to let you enjoy the breathtaking views. The best time to visit is monsoon when nature is in its full bloom. The overflowing dams, the scenic waterfalls and the lovely greenery become more charming when the monsoon strikes. Adjacent to Khandala is another hill station Lonavala which is equally mind-blowing for the lovely escapes. The twin hill stations are the perfect places to let lose yourself.

5. Darjeeling 

Get ready to lose yourself in the lush greenery, tress in bounty and dropping clouds. Darjeeling is located in the foothills of Himalayas. It has everything one seeks when hill stations cross the mind. The ethereal beauty, tea gardens have acquired the interest of tourists since anage. The beautiful train ride provides the charismatic view along the Himalayan lush green valleys. Darjeeling is a home to religious monuments as well. Catch the sunset view at the tiger hill with Kanchenjunga being in the backdrop, there is lot more in the mountains than just the mountains. The wide range of flora and fauna will amaze you with its diverse widespread.So, get ready to be lured by what’s waiting for you here.

6. Manali

Beautiful hilltop cottage featuring mountain views

With abundance of gorgeous views and thrilling experiences, Manali has everything in store for all its visitors.When the appetite for adventure grows, Manali strikes the mind to beat the city blues.Being the primary destination for honeymooners, Manali homes  the most sporty adventure to give the high adrenaline rush. Be it the snow lust or the summer escape, Manali remains flooded with tourists throughout the year. Sitting on the river side with your partner and a drink in your hand is surely the best thing to do in Manali. The enthralling views, mind freezing breezes will bring the missing déjà-vu in your life. From the religious point of view also, Manali has no shortage of pilgrimaged and temples. So this makes it a wholesome place to invade.

7. Shillong

Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, has a lot to make your trip memorable. The thrilling wonders of nature and the largest golf course made it called the ‘Scotland of the east’ With no dearth of things to do, chances of getting entangled in the green meadows,beautiful waterfalls are pretty high. The britishers loved this place and spent quite a time in contributing to its architecture. It is an ideal place to look for baiting fun, unique experiences and virgin beauty of nature. Venture this place once and your will not  know how time flies.

These quaint and romantic hillstations are the perfect getaways for honeymooners that promise an undisturbed time spent together.

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