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Infotainment Top 7 Most Haunted Places In INDIA Where You Shouldn't Go Alone

Top 7 Most Haunted Places In INDIA Where You Shouldn’t Go Alone

haunted places in india

Today, we are presenting you the list of 7 most haunted places in India that you must know about. Also, there are many horror stories and mysteries in India which makes us curious to know about them. If you dare to frequent strange and haunted places, this post will test your courage.

#1 Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort

This ancient fort is located in Rajasthan and people say this a most haunted place of India. If we take the rumors seriously then many people here have even gone missing! Therefore, This place guarantees to thrill visitors who travel to this haunted destination.

#2 Savoy Hotel, Mussorie

savoy hotel mussoorie

In 1911, A spiritualist named Miss Frances Garnett-Orme was poisoned in the Savoy, and the mystery still remains unsolved. Guests have claimed to have seen Miss Garnett-Orme’s ghost roaming around the hotel and heard the echoes of her footsteps.

#3 Ramoji Film City, Andhra Pradesh

ramoji film city

This is one of the largest film complexes in India. People say this to be home to various ghosts that roam around the grounds and the hotels in the area. Also, Ramoji is built on a battlefield and supposed surrounded by the spirits of the dead soldiers that are still active on the field.

#4 Shaniwar Wada, Pune

Shaniwar Wada Pune

Most of the haunted places and forts are scary at night. But this place has a totally different story to tell you. People claim to hear Screams for help from a young boy in the night here. According to legend, a prince and heir to the Peshwa throne were brutally murdered in Shaniwar Wada. Also, according to people, “kaka mala Vacha” (uncle, save me) echos through the fort after dark, especially during a full moon.

#5 Dow Hill, West Bengal

Dow Hill, West Bengal

Local people say that terrifying ghosts reside in the small hill station of Dow Hill. There is a number of accidents and murders which have taken place here in the forest. Local people claim to see the ghosts of various children. Also, a headless boy whop roams around in the forest and follows people.

#6 Jatinga – Assam

Jatinga assam

Jatinga is a village in Assam has seen a freaky paranormal phenomenon for years. Just assume walking on a road and watching birds fall to death. This place is also known for mass suicide committed by birds.

#7 Charleville Mansion, Shimla

Charleville Mansion, Shimla

Charleville Mansion is an abandoned castle in Shimla. This is haunted by a poltergeist according to people. Also, this was tested by a British officer who lived there with his wife. He experienced higher levels of supernaturality. One day, When he opened the door after coming from somewhere, the house was in shatters.

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