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Entertainment Top Beautiful Yesteryear Actresses Chose to Remain Unmarried, Only 2 of Them...

Top Beautiful Yesteryear Actresses Chose to Remain Unmarried, Only 2 of Them Are Alive

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They say a marriage makes a woman complete. However, this rule has undergone a lot of change as far as our Bollywood heroines and actresses are concerned.  Some yesteryear actresses resist to this rule and chose to remain unmarried for whole life. Reasons may differ but their decision remained same. Let’s take a look at some of the yesteryear heroines from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who had relationships but never got hitched to anyone.

1) Suraiya

Born in 1929 in Gujranwala, Punjab (now Pakistan) she made her debut as a child artist in 1937. She was also a good singer. She was a popular actress and singer of 40’s and 50’s. She had an affair with actor Dev Anand. They wanted to get married but Suraiya’s mother opposed the alliance because Dev Anand was not a Muslim. Therefore, Dev Anand married to another Kalpana Karthik. Suraiya never got over her heartbreak and as a mark of hatred and revenge for her family, she remained unmarried all her life. She died in 2004.

2) Priya Rajvansh

Priya was born in 1937 as Vera Sunder Singh. Priya Rajvansh was her screen name. She debuted in Bollywood in 1963. Priya was involved in a romantic relationship with director Chetan Anand. It was reported that the already married Chetan Anand was in a living relationship with the actress. After Chetan Anand’s death, she was all alone and depressed and ultimately died under mysterious circumstances in her house in 2000. As per the reports, she was murdered by the sons of Chetan Anand. The case is still in the court. She remained single all her life.

3) Nanda

She is one of the highest paid actresses of the 50-70s era. Nanda eventually got engaged to director Manmohan Desai in 1992 but his sudden demise put an end to all her desires. She remained unmarried all her life before she died a lonely death in 2010.

4) Asha Parekh

She was the top actress of the 60’s. There were rumours of her affair with director Nasir Husain, the father of actor Aamir Khan, which she never confirmed or denied. She is seen very rarely in films nowadays.

5) Sulakshana Pandit

Sulakshana was born in 1948. She was a singer as well as a successful actress of 60s and 70s. She did fall in love with actor Sanjeev Kumar but then he turned her proposal as he was turned down by Hema Malini a little earlier. Sulakshana never recovered from the trauma and became psychologically ill. She is unmarried even today.

6) Parveen Babi

The actress who put a modern touch in the Bollywood industry. She was the most glamorous actress of the 70’s and mid-80’s. Parveen had affairs with actor Kabir Bedi and director Mahesh Bhatt but never married. She suffered from a delusional disorder which led her to the addiction of drugs and alcohol. Parveen was found dead under mysterious circumstances in her apartment in the year 2005.


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