Food is only good for our health when it is healthy itself, that’s what many food lovers assume. Our parents and elders assume that only the hand made food cooked with love at home is good for one’s health and another misconception which the whole world has is the restaurant food is healthier than the street food. Well, are you sure about this? if not then please do read the below-mentioned list of top misconceptions about food security which no one knew:

1. Keeping Eggs In Fridge Is Safe

Top Misconceptions About Food Security Which No One Knew

Keeping eggs in the fridge is actually safe because the eggs which get washed before gets their protective covering removed in the process which makes them vulnerable to many disease-causing bacteria. Earlier when this process didn’t exist it was safe to store the eggs at room temperature.

2. The Expiration Date Mentions The Date Till It Is Safe To Eat That Product

Top Misconceptions About Food Security Which No One Knew

Actually, no! the expiration date which each and every manufactured food product contains on its label mentions the date till the food will look and taste good. It doesn’t change its safety levels at all.

3. A Microwave Safely Kills All The Bacteria 

Top Misconceptions About Food Security Which No One Knew

All people assume that the microwaves of a microwave oven can kill all the disease causing bacteria but actually, it’s not the waves which kills them, its just the heat produced by those waves. Infact, those microwaves can make your food some serious source of food poisoning.

4. Gloves Which The Workers Wear At Restaurants Protects Your Food From Germs

Top Misconceptions About Food Security Which No One Knew

This is the top misconception about food security as the gloves which the workers wear only ensure their security, not yours. Infact, what’s the difference in using bare hands and gloves? people with gloves also touch other articles and scratch their bodies and do all the other things which a normal person does without gloves, so it really doesn’t matter whether the worker is wearing gloves or not and it does not protect your food from germs.

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