Entertainment Bollywood Bollywood Superstars Who Destroyed Their Life And Career in One-Sided Love

Bollywood Superstars Who Destroyed Their Life And Career in One-Sided Love

Being in love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. It can make you or break you! The pain of heartbreak hurts so bad that some people are not able to overcome it and ruin their life forever. Heartbreak really does hurt and unfortunately, no band-aid can heal this one. There are some superstars of the Bollywood who destroyed their career and life in one-sided love.


It is till date considered as one of the most tragic one-sided love stories ever. Guru Dutt discovered Waheeda Rehman during the time that he was looking for new faces for his films. They had a turbulent affair but when she got to know that Gurudutt is already a married man she broke up with him. However, he had an unhappy marital life. This broke his heart. On 10 October 1964, Dutt was found dead in his bed. He is said to have been mixing alcohol and sleeping pills. It would have been his third suicide attempt.

This tragic one-sided love story not only affected him but his wife Geeta also. The news of his affair with Waheeda broke her wife Geeta down. She died in 1972 at age 41, after excessive drinking, which resulted in liver damage.

Sanjeev Kumar

He fell in love with beautiful actress Hema Malini and proposed her for marriage. But she refused and got married to Dharmendra. Kumar remained single all his life. In order to forget her, he became an alcoholic. On 6 November 1985, just at the age of 47 he died of heart attack.

Sulakshna Pandit

As Sanjeev liked Hema Malini, Sulakshna liked him. But both of them remained unmarried. Sanjeev Kumar refused to marry her because he never got over his heartbreak after actress Hema Malini rejected him to marry her frequent co-star Dharmendra. Sulakshna suffered depression because of this refusal and tried to commit suicide. She never recovered from the trauma and became psychologically ill. She is unmarried even today.

Rajkumar Santoshi

Bollywood’s famous director Rajkumar Santoshi was in one-sided love with actress Meenakshi Seshadri. He even proposed to her for marriage but she refused.

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