Imtiaz ali and the whole team of Tamasha is leaving no stone unturned and the promotions for the movie are in full swing. From Reality shows to real life, promotions for Tamasha took a really fun track when Deepika out of the blue expressed her desire to ride in Train while they were making plans to visit Delhi for promotions.


And a gentleman that Ranbir is, he took no time to cancel the flight tickets to book themselves on a train from Mumbai to Delhi.

They Travelled overnight in Train starting from Mumbai. While their journey in a train they did all the mischief, sat on the floor near the door letting the wind into the hair.



And guess what, the stars enjoyed Indian Railway’s Food as dinner after a pleasant chit-chat with the TT. Guess who had the tickets?

Imtiaz Ali’s movies always bring us something special andrevolves around travel and what the journeys teach us, they too had a gala time enjoying the view from their window panes.


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