Transfers: Sadio Mane set to leave Liverpool as Bayern come back with a “better” deal

Liverpool star Sadio Mane has confessed his emotions about not being a part of the Liverpool club anymore.

Mane is ready to leave Liverpool for which Bayern are in a close deal to buy the winger. Bayern is intending to push their deal to sign a contract with Sadio Mane and a new bid is set to be announced soon.

The initial proposal by Bayern was technically “rejected” by Liverpool as they craved more than the bidding amount of €25 million.

Bayern is possibly coming back with a better deal which might help them in convincing Liverpool.

Mane’s deal is going on with almost two clubs for which Julian Nagelsmann keeps Mane as a priority for Summer transfers.

Nunez will be a possible deal for Liverpool while Mane’s exit from the club is confirmed by the winger himself. Bayern will be closing the deal as soon as possible because many rich clubs will be waiting to buy Mane. Football analyst and host of La Liga zone Aaron West also kept his view on Mane’s deal and considered that Mane is worth more than €25 million.

“For all those wondering, yes of course Sadio Mane is worth more than 25m on the normal open market. The fact that his contract expires in a year and it’s known that he wants to leave means that Liverpool can’t ask for much more. Cheers to Fab the goat as always,” says Aaron West.