Shahrukh Khan Thanked The Fans As He Completes 28 Years In Bollywood

Shah Rukh Khan has completed 28 successful years in the Bollywood film industry. Therefore tweeting a beautiful message he thanked his fans...
News She Begged For Life But Was Dragged And Brutally Beaten To Death...

She Begged For Life But Was Dragged And Brutally Beaten To Death By Group Of Men In Brazil Just Because…

God made us all and so, no one has right to point their fingers on how we look, behave and do as long as it is not harming anyone. The World consists of mainly two types of people man and woman but there exists a third type too and that is transgenders or transsexuals.

God made them like that so we are no one to ignore their existence on Earth. They do have equal rights to live freely in this world. But some morons are not mature enough to understand that the World is not their personal property. In a dreadful incident in Brazil, this is what happened with 42-year-old Dandara dos Santos.

In Brazil, the crime spree against the transgender community is increasing day by day. This time they murdered Dandara dos Santos. She was dragged from her home to the streets in Fortaleza, Ceara state, by a group of sick men. They beat, punched and hit her in front of local residents.

She was dumped into a wheelbarrow before being taken into a dark alley and beaten to death. This horrendous video of crime is released by the police now to help find the alleged murderers. Since the time the video has uploaded on the Internet it sparked outrage.

It was posted online via LGBT groups first in order to raise awareness about a large number of attacks against transgender people in Brazil. Police Inspector Damasceno said, six people, have since been identified. The investigation is already well advanced and we are going after the killers.”

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