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World She Became a Mother by His Own Brother Just at Age 12,...

She Became a Mother by His Own Brother Just at Age 12, Her Heart-wrenching Story Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

The world is mysterious as it has intriguing unheard and untold stories and when they come to light they give goosebumps! This is a story of UK’s youngest mother Tressa Middleton. She became a mother at the age when normally kids play in gullies and parks. She had her first baby at age 12 in 2006 after being assaulted by her brother.

She is now 24 years old but her baby is not with her now. She says:

“I felt unadulterated delight the minute Arihanna was born. There were times I thought I would never be had another child. But I also feel guilty, because Arihanna is with me and my older daughter is not. She’s still the first thing I think about every morning and the last thing at night. I love her so much. I can’t be properly happy without her. It breaks my heart Arihanna will grow up without knowing her big sister.”

It was her second child Arihanna who is the reason behind her heartbreaking story. This is because she will grow up without knowing her elder sister. She says it is the most painful thing in the world of not having your child with you.

Tressa welcomed 8lb 1oz Arihanna on October 6 after a 24-hour labor. She said:

“I tell Arihanna if her sister was here, they’d play games together. I really hope that one day they can meet. It would mean the world to me.”


Tressa never felt safe at home when she was a child. Her mom Tracey Tallons was addicted to alcohol and drugs. Nobody was there to care for her. When she was 7 years old, her depraved brother Jason began to sexually abuse her. Four years later, she became pregnant after he raped her.

Her first baby was taken from her and she was told the girl would be adopted and the contact between them phased out. And her biggest pain is both of her children would never be together.

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