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High Life Man Boobs Are Quite Embarrassing No? Here Are 5 Style Hacks to...

Man Boobs Are Quite Embarrassing No? Here Are 5 Style Hacks to Hide Them

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Man Boobs, many will laugh after reading these two words. But this is actually a problem or more likely an embarrassment to many males out there! The reasons behind male boobs could be plenty including an unhealthy lifestyle, an excess intake of the wrong edibles and well, even Gynecomastia.

So you have them and you feel not comfortable with them. Now, what to do? To overcome that we are here to tell you 5 style hacks that will help you hide them.

1) Compression T-shirts

These T-shirts are mainly worn by gym freaks or gym goers. These are form-fitting pieces or what you call is skin-tight. So how they are useful in hiding man boobs? Well, they flatten the surface to boost your self-confidence (in case you’re conscious of your man boobs). Compression T-shirts are a concealing layer for your unwanted chest bumps.

2) Layering

Layering not only hides your fat skin but also makes you look stylish. However, in summers it does become a cumbersome task to layer your clothes. Fret not! Here’s a solution! Layer on a shirt on your T-shirt instead of wearing a jacket. You can pick shirts made up of woven fabrics, padded materials in order to have a great concealing experience.

3) Love prints? Choose uppers with minimal prints

Wearing prints is a sure shot way to hide male boobs. But don’t use big, gigantic prints because they will make your chest appear bigger. Choose smaller prints they will neutralize the chest with the rest of the body.

4) Wearing darker colours

Dark colours make you look slim and hide most of your body flaws. So choose colours like black, blues, dark greys, dark green etc. Try this for maximal results.

5) Stay away from the contrast combination

Lesser colour-contrast to the eyes keeps the attention away from what you’re wearing on top. People would give it a look once and then, look away they wouldn’t give it a long glance. So, stick to minimal or no contrast in your choice of shirts/T-shirts for a splendid man-boob concealing exercise.

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