Remember the good old days when Grandpa used to say “early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy wealthy and wise” . Not only do the early birdies get the worm but they also tend to live more happily and find overall satisfaction. But come, the winters and sleep takes you over and waking up early seems next to impossible. You could even be missing out on your exercise routine owing to this habit (Just like me!). Hell no more! We’re going to get up early and enjoy the early morning warmth of sun! Useful tricks to wake up early on cold winter mornings..this might help!

1. Okay! Decide that you’re going to Wake up Early..come what may!

Woman Stretching in Her Bed. A Girl waking up in The Morning

Ever wonder why we wake up right before the alarm goes off on the mornings of our crucial exams? In one German study, researchers found that people who were warned that they were going to be woken up at 6 a.m. already had alertness-driving stress hormones building in their bodies at 4:30 a.m. And so our bodies note the time and prepare us in advance for the coming day.

2. Clear Out your Morning.

Woman opening up bedroom curtain in the morning

Basically, you just need to avoid stressful thoughts right when you wake up. Waking up to good positive and lighter thoughts is always better and is likely to help you perform better throughout the day. You don’t want high cognitive loads in the morning that might hamper your willpower for the whole day.

3. Get under the sun as soon as possible.

Good Morning Sunshine!

A study showed that people who got bright light in the morning were more alert than a sun starved person. Like every non-nocturnal beings Humans too derive energy from the sun. And getting sun light in the morning results better activity in the cognitive parts of the brain i.e. makes you more alert and consciously active.

4. Say NO to hitting the Snooze button.


This is the biggest problem and where we all get stuck at. I wonder why we were ever given an option to snooze of the alarm. Well, to make sure that we wake up to the alarm, do everything you can to not hit the snooze button. If you do hit the snooze button then you’ll have your body feeling clumsy the whole day.

5. Pinch yourself out of sleep.


If you too find it incredibly hard to open your eyes in the morning, like me, then maybe we should just try this. As weird as it may sound, it might actually work! Pinch yourself out of sleep whenever the urge to go back to bed and shut your eyes, hits you!

6. Wake up at the same time everyday.


Our bodies function well and better if we subject ourselves to a consistent rhythmic routine. If you ake up on the same time everyday your mind will train your body to wake up at same time without even an alarm.

7. Wake up to a Gentle alarm sound

young woman with alarm clock in bed

The more jarring sound to wake upto the more sleep inertia(tendency to go back to sleep) will hit you. Waking up abruptly can cause you feeling stressed the whole day. Wake up to a more soothing and gentle tone to wake up feeling relaxed and fresh.

8. Get moving.

A fit woman practicing yoga in Oregon.

Staying in bed even after you’ve woken up is not the smartest thing you could be doing. As soon as you manage to get your eyes wide open jump out of bed and hit the outdoors. Light exercises and yoga will get your blood circulating and will get you through the day more efficiently.

9. Get Hydrated before getting Caffeinated.

Two cups of espresso and a glass of water

We all rush for coffee to wake up and especially in winters. But before you ingest yourself with the daily dose of caffeine get up and get hydrated. Drink a glass full of lukewarm water to start your day with.

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